2020 already!!🤞🤞

I know how hard it is to digest that it is 2020 already.A decade we’ve gone through and now that we are shifting in to the next decade what things to keep up with,to keep in terms with the updated philosophical trends y’all (okay no more y’alls😂😂)So before we get into what all happened in […]

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Birthdays are always super special.It is the day when everybody celebrates you!! That one day where you wanna relive your whole year.I have amazing stories to tell about birthdays but before that let’s wish big stuff at 16 a very happy 1st birthday. Let’s go but also before that make sure you click on the […]

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Hello!! You must be wondering why was I off for almost 3 months.I was handling another one of my life’s most treasured thing.INTERACT! Some questions pop up when you hear that word and today I am here to answer those very many questions with of course my personal touch. But before we get into that […]

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Being Impulsive!🐡

First of all that whale emoji!! I don’t know why that is there but just that it is and let it be. Impulse is a weird term.I heard it off a YouTuber and had it hit my head.This article was written a month after starting the blog to contribute towards a book I was writing […]

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Must Reads!!

Since all of you loved the John Green Book Review here is another.Over the last 1 year I have read about 16 books.Most them were from similar authors.So here are some of my favourite must reads.📖📖But Before you move further make sure you click on the icon at the top right corner and follow my […]

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John Green Book Review!!

Is John green phenomenal?We’ll see The first book that I read by John Green was his all time favorite “The Fault in Our Stars”🌠🌠It was after a whole year of reading Chetan Bhagat,when I took up another book by Green.Will Grayson,Will Grayson,somehow this book kept me hooked to JG and I read everything by him.So […]

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